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Fabulous Fashion, Amazing Art, Sniffable Candles, and Darling Home Decor!

Take a deep breath, spread of your wings, and...put your arms down and breathe out, people are looking at you weirdo!

What we're all ABOUT at the Nest's Unique Boutique

Totes Fab Decor!

Look, we could sit here and tell ya all day long about how our furniture is super cool and the best out, seriously...we can do that! So stop on in and let us give you an ear-full while you get an EYE-FULL of our Unique. Home. Decor.

Family Owned!

When you think about it...every business is family owned; but not by THIS family! We're just a few lil' cuties with BIG ideas to change Ohio one cool console table, armoire, and dresser at a time with, you guessed it... Unique. Home. Decor.


We love life, and want to share our JOY with you for home decor, women's fashion and style, candles and wall art...all here in North Canton, Akron, and Massillon Ohio!

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The BIRD is the WORD (in case you haven't heard)!

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Bird's Nest Furniture | The Unique Boutique

7182 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, Ohio 44718, United States

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Fly to our nest in NORTHEAST OHIO... 7182 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, OH 44718

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